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lisensed guide in Rome

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Via della Cisterna 1

00062 Bracciano






ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE at Cantagallo or Borgo

Both Cantagallo and Borgo can be used by artists who want to have a longer (or shorter) working period in Italy. At Cantagallo I have my own studio that can be used for working,

at Borgo one should manage using the space of the flat. Also our gallery-space ARTIDEC

(in Bracciano old town) could be used also by the residence-artists.. We have equipment for many sculptural processes and for incision in small scale. Painting can be done indoors out outdoors.

There are many national and international artists nearby,  many artstudios could be visited and one could widen the boarders starting new disciplines, for example  mosaico, ceramics or bronze casting.

Private workshops can be requested for many specific techniques.

Artexhibitions could be planned and a lot of info exchanged!

Rome is very close with all it's  art museums (MAXXI and Macro not to be missed) and galleries.

Among our visitors we have had  artists from Finland, England, Ireland.....and not only artists but also writers and musicians.