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Buongiorno from Rome!
Your memorable and unique stay in Rome is to be planned, and I wish to do it together with you, exactly as you'd wish it to become. No queues, minimal fuss and maximum satisfaction, this will be our aim.
My name is Leena, and I am professional licensed guide in Rome and work with tourism since 1990’s. I was born in Finland, married in Italy and lived many years right in the heart of Rome. So I know all the tiny mews and special hidden places... and I even know how to drive and park in the centre, just in case you'd have your own or a rented car.
Italy’s incredible history, the Emperors, the popes, the art-history really excites me - how the ancient Romans lived, the rice and fall of the Empire, the wicked stories about the mad Emperors… It is a great challenge to describe all this in an interesting and breathtaking way! Just think that the imperial Rome had about 1 million inhabitants,  an amazing civilization, even traffic jams and limited traffic zones they had!

My tours are tailored to request but are guaranteed to explore historical fact, scandal and controversy described in an interesting, fun and informed manner. I only have one aim - to give you a wonderful experience of Rome. We can visit together the ancient Rome, Colosseum and the Forum area, Campidoglio and the Capitolium hill, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Navona square with it’s again famous fountains, the Vatican, Castel St Angelo, the churches, the famous museums with unique masterpieces…. You might want a deeper look on something, just let me know and I will come with suggestions.

I wish to present you my favourite Rome  – the ancient Rome, the renessance, baroque, the artists and masterpieces, (starting from the musts, Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Bernini, Borromini, Canova, … Not to speak about the popes, the unimmaginable intrigues...

I can take you, your family, friends or work colleagues on an enjoyable, informative and professionally run tour around the eternal city and beyond. You will have your own personal GRAND TOUR of Rome!

If you stay many days you might start feeling for a quiet escape from the crowds? Colour, life and a taste of real Roman countryside? I have been guiding almost everywhere around Rome and actually live in Bracciano, just a few km away from the famous Odescalchi castle, where among others Tom Cruise had his fabulous weddingparty.
So, whilst I'm happy to show you the usual and unusual sights of Rome, why stop there? there are so many fascinating places just outside Rome - Tivoli, Bracciano , Castel Gandolfo, Villa Adriana, the ancient Ostia, Pompei, Naples, the Etruscan tombs…
Or if you come during the hot season, we can organize a sea resort day, or a swimming and sunbathing day by the Bracciano lake.

Do you have children with you? why not ask me for special family friendly itineraries. In fact I can suggest itineraries to suit any pocket - Italy doesn't have to be expensive! Find out more - just drop me a line.

If you love the outdoors, Roman countryside is brilliant for walking, we can also follow the ancient pilgrim routes, like Via Francigena, or even the 7 churches pilgrim walk inside Rome (about 15km)
In Rome way say that " a lifetime is not enough for Rome", you will soon agree with this!
I look forward to hearing from you,


This web-site presents my different activities, from private guiding in Rome and elsewhere in Italy to holiday houses and to my own art.

Please choose from the menù on left about the holiday-houses, if you interested about private guiding in Rome in English or Spanish, just drop me a line via mail, and we can plan your stay together exactly as you wish it to become.

I also organize art- or tema-holidays for singles or groups.



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